The Prairieland Genealogical Society (PGS) is located in the Lyon County Museum.  The Society is formed exclusively for the purpose of the collection, preservation and dissemination of genealogical material and to prevent the thoughtless destruction of private and public documents, to provide a service to those engaged in family research, to organize workshops in the field of genealogy and family history, and to foster support and promote genealogical interest and understanding about the southwestern areas of the State of Minnesota.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, all monetary donations to the Prairieland Genealogical Society are fully tax deductible.

Annual membership fee of $20.00 for individual or $30.00 for family is due in September and run through August of the following year.  The Prairieland Pioneer newsletter is free with each membership.  If membership is requested after September 1st, all published copies of the newsletter for that year will be forwarded to the subscriber.  The newsletter is published in January, April, July, and October.

Regular meetings for the Society are held at 5:00pm on the second Thursday of the month in April and September.  These meetings are held in the upstairs meeting room at the Lyon County Museum.  A Christmas Party/Meeting is held a noon on the second Saturday in December at a local restaurant.  The public is invited to attend all PGS meetings and events.

Resources include: obituary files, church history books, family history books, and other records.


President: Barbara Herschberger

Vice-President: Cindy Goettig

Secretary: Waneta Shriver

Treasurer: Toni Fredrickson

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