Collections Overview

The collection consists of 3-dimensional and 2-dimensional artifacts detailing county history from its prehistory to the present.  Special exhibits reflect the wide variety of items in the collection.


Since its establishment, the Lyon County Historical Society (LCHS) has been preserving the history of Lyon County by gathering information, artifacts, and archival materials.  LCHS passively and actively seeks artifacts and archival items that exemplify daily life and special events of the people and communities of Lyon County.  Communities of Lyon County include: Amiret, Balaton, Burchard (Ghost Town), Cottonwood, Dudley (Ghost Town), Florence, Ghent, Green Valley, Lynd, Marshall, Minneota, Russell, Taunton, and Tracy.

The collections include archaeological, military, business, government, organizational, school, farming, and family items.

LCHS’s collections are held in public trust.  The Board and staff take care to follow professional museum standards in caring for the collections.