The Lyon County Historical Society (LCHS) is a non-profit, member supported organization located in downtown Marshall, MN.  LCHS operates the Lyon County Museum, which is located at 301 West Lyon Street in Marshall.  The mission of the society is: “The purpose of the society shall be the collection, preservation and dissemination of knowledge about the history of Lyon County and to relate it to the history of the region and the state of Minnesota”.

Lyon County Historical Society History

1954– The Lyon County Historical Society was formally founded, but some records show earlier attempts at organization.

1957-The society created a museum within a Great Northern Railroad baggage coach located alongside the Lyon County Courthouse.  When this coach was damaged by a storm in the mid-1960’s, the artifacts were moved to the basement of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Tracy and the Lyon County Fairgrounds.

1968-Exhibits were created in the lower level of the Marshall-Lyon County Library.  Eventually, the library needed the space and the exhibits were dismantled and moved to private homes in the city of Tracy for further storage.

1975-The society was given the original 1892 Lyon County/District courtroom to use as a museum.  Some of the society’s artifacts were moved and displayed in the new space, much remained in storage.  As the county prepared to expand its office space and demolish the 1892 courthouse, the society was again looking for museum space.

1994-The society moved the museum to the Knights of Columbus building on 3rd Street.  This location provided space for growth in the collection and exhibits, notably, the log cabin, prairie schooner, and Schwan’s ice cream counter.

2009-In need of a new lease and still looking for a permanent home, the museum was moved to 356 West Main Street.  However, with limited space, much of the collection was put back in storage.

2012-Lyon County purchased the former Marshall Lyon County Library at 301 West Lyon Street, providing a permanent home for the Lyon County Museum.