Time Travelers: Lyon County Fair and 4-H (2020)


The first Lyon County Fair was held at Marshall in October of 1874, and was declared to be a success with several hundred people being in attendance.

A county fair association was organized in 1903-1904. Grounds were purchased near Marshall for $6000 and buildings were erected. Since that date fairs have regularly been held. Currently, the fair is held the 2nd week in August.

Lyon County Fairgrounds, 1960’s
The Smith-Lever Act of 1914

The Smith-Lever Act established a national Cooperative Extension Service that extended outreach programs through land-grant universities to educate rural Americans about advances in agricultural practices and technology. These advances helped increase American agricultural productivity dramatically throughout the 20th century. Thus began 4-H work.

The Tracy 4-H Corn Club, organized in 1915, and winning a state championship the following year, has the distinction of being the first in Lyon County.

The current clubs in Lyon County are: Amiret Busy Bees, Coon Creek Cheerful Workers, Lake Marshall Eagles, Nordland Top Notchers, Sharp Shooters, Stanley Busy Beavers, Swan Lake Skippers, Westerheim Flashing Stars, SWMN Lama Club, and LLYMRC STEAM Club.  

4-H Motto: “To make the best better.”

4-H Pledge: ” I pledge My Head to clearer thinking. My Heart to greater loyalty. My Hands to larger service. My Health to better living. For my home, my club, my community and my country.”

4-H Play Day with Marcy Ellen Marcotte, Marie Cauwels, Donna St. Aubin, Kenneth Stassen, Gordon Chalmers, Jr., Vincent Cauwels, Bill Chalmers, June 14, 1951


Homemade Funnel Cake

Can Pyramid/Ball Toss:

Cans – empty and clean

Paper and markers (if desired, to decorate the cans, or the cans can be painted)

Ball (a foam or plastic ball would work best, but if you use an actual baseball, set up your game on a small table outside)

Use as many cans as you wish.  Even just six would make a good pyramid, especially  if they are all the same size.  Challenge  your family to see who can knock down the most cans with the fewest throws!

Shooting Gallery:

Empty water bottles or pop bottles

Ping pong ball or plastic golf ball for each bottle

Nerf gun

Line up empty water bottles or pop bottles, without lids. Place a ping pong ball on top  of each bottle.  Set a mark for different distances. See how many ping pong balls you can hit without knocking over a bottle!  Or see who can knock each item down with the least amount of shots.

Silly Golf:

Box – can paint or decorate however you wish

Plastic golf balls, or ping pong balls if that is what you have

Toy golf clubs

Cut some holes in the box, which can be in different sizes.  Use a different point value for each hole.

Place a marker for where golfer should stand (small children can be closer to the box).  

Challenge your family and friends!

Check out the 4-H official website for more information

Check out the Lyon County 4-H YouTube Channel for more videos spotlighting projects from this year!


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