2018 Programs through Marshall Community Services:

The Lyon County Museum is offering two classes this summer through Marshall Community Services.  Registration for Marshall Community Services classes is available online at www.ci.marshall.mn.us, in person at the MCS office or mail (344 W Main St), or by phone (507-537-6767).  For more information on registration, please contact the MCS office at 507-37-6767 or online at www.ci.marshall.mn.us.

Pioneer Camp   

Come explore life as a pioneer through a variety of games and activity. Learn about lessons in a one-room schoolhouse, play pioneer games, experience pioneer foods, and more. Explore the hardships and trials of homesteading with an interactive game, and experience what it’s like to be an immigrant.

June 25-29

9:30-11:00 am

Grades 1-4 Maximum: 12

Fee: $35

Day 1: Meet at one room schoolhouse behind Westside Elementary School

Day 2-5: Meet at the Lyon County Museum

Junior Curator   

The Junior Curator program allows youth to take on the roles of museum staff to research, create, and install a museum display.  This program encourages youth to think about historical events, people, places, or objects in museums. Our goal is to make youth more aware of their place in history and encourage further exploration of objects, photos, and writing exhibit texts.

Youth will: Research using primary and secondary sources, write exhibit text and object labels, design and implement a museum display.  The Junior Curators’ museum displays will be on view at the Lyon County Museum for a 3 month period.

July 23-27

1:00-3:00 pm

Grades 4-8, Maximum: 6

Fee: $35

Meet at Lyon County Museum