Are you familiar with this picture and what it was? If you are, someone has taken the time to tell the story of this home and you are very fortunate to know the history. There is a story that belongs to this picture and there is a history that belongs to this 1900 farmhouse. Who will tell the stories of this picture and  who will preserve the stories? When the knowledge of our history is not shared and preserved, we have lost it forever! It is Gone!

We depend on all of you throughout the county for memberships. Your generous donations and gifts make a difference in the life of the museum and allow the stories to be told. Please review the levels of memberships as they are presented:

Individual – year $25.00

Couple/Family – year $35.00

Business – year $100.00

Benefactor – year $300.00

Yearly Memberships are January 1st-December 31st